Replica Rolex Day-Date Gold Dial Watches For Sale

Recently, I visited in Beijing geely world watches center, due to the consumption of season is in clocks and watches, mall watch zone traffic is obviously not too much.In rolex counters, I learned the Replica Rolex Watches For Sale couples watch a spot, while rolex was not specifically introducing couples, but both are take tone.

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Rolex Day-Date 118238 Fake Watches, is a classic model 18238 after Day – the Date of the modern upgraded version, like many antique rolex watch friends all know that 18238, especially the quality is good, gold champagne dial, tapered scale design, very popular.

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In 2015, the rolex Day – the Date to upgrade again, introduced a 40 mm diameter table movement of 228238, 3255 and 118238 is actually.118238 3155 movement, there are many versions, Cheap Copy Rolex Watches introduction is diamond Dial version, use champagne background Day – the Date Dial.